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Electronic registered delivery with the same legal value as registered mail on paper

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About Aangetekende.email™

The Aangetekende.email™ service is part of the wider DIGICONNECT platform and is available both to private persons and companies. Messages exchanged via the Aangetekende.email™ service have the legal force of registered mail.

If you are a recipient, the platform provides certainty about the sender's identity and the authenticity of the received message. In addition, you can collect your electronic registered delivery at any time of the day and from any location without any movements.

As a sender you use the platform for all correspondence if you want to be certain your message ends up with the right (legal entity or) person, without any discussion about whether the message was sent or received and when.

The DIGICONNECT platform also provides other modules such as a digital mailroom, electronic signature workflow, long-term archive, CRM, invoicing and incoming invoice processing. You can subscribe separately to one or more modules.

24/7 from any location and without involving any travel

Quick and affordable

Easy to use

Legal validity

All messages exchanged via the Aangetekende.email™ service have the value of a registered mail.
This is because our service is eIDAS qualified.

Messages sent and received using a qualified electronic registered delivery service not only have legal force, but are also deemed to ensure the integrity of the data, the sending of this data by the identified sender, the receipt by the identified recipient and the correctness of the date and time of sending and receipt as indicated by the qualified electronic registered delivery service.

On the other hand, messages sent and received via an non-qualified service are not deemed to ensure the integrity and authenticity and this, together with the fact whether the message was sent/received or not, will have to be proven in a court of law in the event of a dispute.

Referrals: certificate of conformity, general conditions, privacy statement, Belgian trusted list, eIDAS regulation

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The price for an electronic registered mail is 0.80 EUR excl. VAT (0.97 EUR incl. VAT).

How does it work

The sender logs on to the DIGICONNECT platform and goes to the Aangtekende.email™ service.
The sender enters the addressee of the registered mail (private person or company).
The sender prepares the message and sends the registered mail.

Connect Solutions puts an electronic seal and time stamp on the message as proof of sending.

The sender can download the message, including the electronic seal and time stamp from the outbox.

The addressee receives a notification by e-mail that a registered e-mail is ready to be picked up.
The addressee logs in on the DIGICONNECT platform and goes to the electronic letterbox where the registered mail is ready to pick up.
The addressee confirms the message for receipt.

Connect Solutions puts an electronic seal and time stamp on the message as proof of receipt.

Both sender and recipient can download the message, including electronic seals and time stamps of Connect Solutions as proof of sending/receipt in their respective outbox/inbox.


During the development of the DIGICONNECT platform and the Aangetekende.email™ service, much importance was given to user frienliness.
Here are some screen prints.

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